J Alan Photography


US Capitol 4 Piece Multi Panel Split Canvas


3x4 total feet

12x36, 30x20, 20x16, 12x16



United States Capitol 4 piece Split Canvas Set with 1 1/4 inch black thick border. This is a one of a kind unique artistic style that provides a 3D effect as the picture feels like it is popping out towards you.


  • one 12x36 inch canvas
  • one 30x20 inch canvas
  • one 20x16 inch canvas
  • one 12x16 inch canvas

I am a professional photographer in the Los Angeles area (for 10+ years) and have been traveling around the world during that span. All of my prints are one of a kind originals. I love my work and I truly hope that you will too once you see this beauty in your home.

Custom made canvas (not cheaply designed by any means) gives you a 100% sturdy frame that lays flat upon the wall for an easy display. The canvas used will not fade over time like cheaper versions will do and will look the same as the day you got it.

Give your home or office a piece that will be talked about for quite some time.