J Alan Photography



Please bring a variety of clothes to choose from.  Bright colors work best for commercial looks while muted and darker colors work best for theatrical.

Staying away from big patterns and logos is best so to not distract in the photo.  Also, jewelry should be removed for the same reason (necklaces, watches, wristbands, large hoop earrings, etc).  Unless you are specifically looking for a particular look.

Make sure clothes are ironed or as wrinkle free as possible.  Transporting button shirts on a hanger works well.

Please arrive with your hair and makeup materials.  You will have time to freshen up before we shoot so there will absolutely be no rush.  And let me know when you arrive if you will be doing any hair or makeup changes for separate looks.  That way we can plan the shoot accordingly.

Get plenty of sleep the night before to help minimize dark circles under the eyes.  These can always be taken out in retouching later if needed.  Also, staying away from consuming alcohol the night before will also help.

Lastly, arrive as prepared as possible on what looks you are wanting to get.  Search the internet for samples of photos that you feel would work for you.  Also, pick out clothing that you feel comfortable with that represent your personality.  Simple is better when makeup is concerned.  Unless you are going for a particular look I would apply just a light amount to cover up blemishes, wrinkles or dark circles if needed.

Once you arrive at the shoot- just relax as much as possible and have a good time.