J Alan Photography

10/13/20- Moved to New York City.

03/25/20- March adventure to Taiwan, Bangkok and Phuket.

01/29/20- More client photos!

11/08/19- Weddings are some of my favorite captures.

10/02/19- West USA roadtrip through Arizona, Utah, Idaho and California.

08/14/19- Another great client to work with. Fantastic attitude, easy to work with and knows her mark. Watch out for this one!

07/25/19- New Gallery Photos from the main six continents.

05/29/19- Fantastic trip to Eastern Europe with stops in Poland, Greece and Croatia.

04/01/19- Another signing releasing my second book OCTOBER DESCENT.

03/06/19- Kicking off the month right with another fantastic shoot.

12/01/18- Napa Valley is always a great place for photos.

10/14/18- September trip to South America- including Peru, Argentina and Brazil. My 6th continent in the past two years and what an amazing place.

08/27/18- Being a photographer means being a part of other people's memories and family. I am honored everytime I am asked to help capture these moments.

08/24/18- Business and professional photos are always fun to do.

07/28/18- A true professional. Funny, charismatic and overal wonderful to work with.

07/23/18- Spot on talent with this one. Perfect mixture of personality and direction taking.

06/11/18- Jaxon was such a great client to work with. His first ever professional photo shoot and he nailed it!

05/22/18- Some headshots taken in May

04/30/18- Did some green screen work last year and this is the final product


04/01/18- Another Easter, another event success.

03/28/18- My book OCTOBER is available on Amazon for purchase CLICK HERE

03/25/18- More recent client headshots

03/06/18- Cancun trip with friends was an absolute blast. Always enjoy capturing the moments. A week at the Hyatt Zilara was just what the body needs

01/21/18- Newborn baby shoot I had the pleasure of being a part of

01/11/18- A novel I've been writing since 2013 is finally in the editing and clean-up stages. Below is the planned book cover. You may notice that is me on the cover :)

01/10/18- When you get a photo shoot combining a great personality and a fantastic makeup artist... this is what you will get

01/06/18- I love working with couples and being a part of their journey in life. This maternity shoot was very fun and I wish these first time parents to-be all the happiness in the world.

12/01/17- More client photos taken. I wish them all the best success!

10/30/17- Taking photos and traveling around the world have been at the fore front of my life. I am pleased to announce my new series of canvas print designs (each stretching around 3 to 5 feet).

09/01/17- A great way to spend a weekend. Seattle was by far better than I had imagined it would be. With a mixture of San Francisco and a hint of European feel, I enjoyed my five day trip there quite a bit. To anyone that has not gone yet, find a chance to go. You will definitely not regret it!

08/16/17- Two more clients I have had to pleasure of working with. The age difference is vast but their desire is the same as both seem to be heading in a great direction. I wish them well on their journey and happy to be a part of it.

08/03/17- An awesome vacation hitting parts of Europe once again. Paris, Ibiza and Dublin was an excellent get-a-way from the hot summer of Los Angeles lately. You haven't lived until you have experienced a true Ibiza foam party.

07/30/17- Two more fantastic clients to work with. Thanks for the great shoot!

07/15/17- Events are something that I enjoy doing quite often. To be a part of someone else's family and enjoyment of life is like nothing else. I am blessed to have been a part of this baby reveal party while helping to capture these great moments and wish them the best of happiness.

06/07/17- Many times it is more important to feel completely comfortable than to just have the right look and outfit. This is especially true with new actors and models that come to my studio. Her first professional photo shoot and she nailed it out of the park. I see great things with her and her career.

05/19/17- Green screen work today to shoot a film poster.

05/13/17- Couples shoot are one of the reasons why I love photography so much. Being a part of someone's happiness and helping them move forward their own relationship is truly a blessing for me.

04/25/17- Returning clients are fantastic. Julia was a pleasure to have back in my studio. She's as smart as a whip and has a lightning personality. I wish nothing but good things upon her in her career and future.

04/16/17-  A great time working with Alejandra and her Easter Family Event. A fun family to work with and a beautiful house as well.

04/15/17-  Australia/ New Zealand trip went very well. Was able to capture some incredible pictures and experience some extraoadinary views. Photos from Auckland, Waitomo, Hobbiton, Mount Cook, Milford Sound, Lake Tekapo, Sydney, and Great Barrier Reef.

If you haven't been I would strongly suggest to make it a priority. There is nothing more relaxing than to spend quality time with nature, yet still have some home base cities to fall back on. A simple drive through the country side is all you need to understand the wonders of this place. You won't regret it!


03/09/17-  Today's Photo shoot. Julio was an awesome client to work with.