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My name is Jeff Alan. I am a professional photographer shooting in the Los Angeles area for the past 10+ years.

I have traveled all over Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa over the past few years and now bringing my photos and experiences to life in Canvas.



Jeff Alan

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When you look at my work displayed, you are not just seeing art. You are witnessing 10 years of my life: My love, my passion as well as my emotional state. Maybe you just see a nice photo initially, but every piece that I make has a story and I want that story to be prevalent in your life as well.

My heart bleeds in each canvas piece. I've climbed down mountains and hiked up steep hills to place myself in the optimal spot. It is that experience that I want people to realize they are getting. I want you to feel as I did the moment my camera captured the image: With the smell of the air and the calming feeling in my veins. Hopefully somehow, someway, this will give you the motivation to carry on and to make something out of the every day.

I'm not trying to sell you something that I created for me. I'm am providing you something that will let you see the world in a much different light. That is my goal, my mission, my overall duty to this world.