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My name is Jeff Alan. I am a professional photographer shooting in the Los Angeles area for the past 10+ years.

I am also a former actor who understands the business side of acting. I know what agencies are looking for and I focus on getting the best possible and natural representation of you.

I shoot in all digital and mix natural with studio lighting, picking the optimized locations and backgrounds that will work best for you according to your look, type and clothing selection.

My goal is to make sure we are both satisfied with the shoot no matter how many pictures we need to get.

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The best way for you to get the best headshots is for me to capture your personality. I work with you throughout the shoot and give direction as needed. Your job is to look and feel your best while my job is to get your natural personality to shine.

The most important aspect I provide is a comfortable work environment. Without comfort, a person will not be able to free their minds up to be receptive. What you are thinking will show through your eyes.

I take my time between each shot and show you the photos as we go along assuring your goal of what you are looking for is met.

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I have traveled all over Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa over the past few years and now bringing my photos and experiences to life in Canvas.

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